Announcement of research presentation on the function of Th7R cells related to cancer immunity at AACR by Professor Kagamu of Saitama Medical University

We would like to inform you that Professor Hiroshi Kagamu of Saitama Medical University International Medical Center, who is our scientific advisor, will provide a presentation on the effects of Th7R cells in cancer immunity and the clinical importance of measuring Th7R cells.

Professor Kagamu has reported in Cancer Research that overall survival of cancer patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors depends on specific clusters of CD4 T cells present in the patient’s blood. This finding led to the naming of the particular cell clusters, which have protective functions against cancer, as “Th7R cells.”

At AACR Annual Meeting 2024, Professor Kagamu will give a presentation at the session of Adaptive Immunity, titled “A CCR6+Th1-like CD4+T-cell cluster involved in HEV formation predicted lung cancer patients requiring anti-CTLA-4 therapy.” The abstract can be viewed on the following web page.

The group of Professor Kagamu used techniques of mass spectrometry flow cytometry and single-cell gene expression analysis to determine the characteristics of Th7R cells in peripheral blood lymphocytes, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, and lymph node lymphocytes of lung cancer patients. The results showed that Th7R cells express genes different from Th1 cells, which have been previously assumed to be involved in cancer immunity, and form high endothelial venules (HEV)/tertiary lymphoid structures (TLS) to activate immune cells against cancer. In addition, clinically, they revealed that by examining the proportion of Th7R in blood, it was possible to select patients who require administration of anti-CTLA-4 antibodies.

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Our company of ImmuniT Research Inc. has obtained the exclusive license to the patent filed by Saitama Medical University regarding the clinical use of Th7R, and is working to apply it to the development of diagnostic agents and drug discovery. With this news, it has been revealed that Th7R cells do indeed work in cancer immunity, so the significance of Th7R measurement is increasing, and cancer immunotherapy focusing on Th7R, including cell therapy using Th7R, is becoming increasingly important. We believe that we can promote personalized medicine with our technology.

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