Notice of decision of no grounds for refusal of patent on automated cell population identification technology system

In the latest R&D conducted by ImmuniT Research, we have developed a unique automated analysis system for the identification and counting of immune cells, so-called “immune profiling” and “immune monitoring”. We are pleased to announce that on September 4, 2023, we received a decision from the Japan Patent Office finding no grounds for refusal with respect to this patent.

In order to predict the effectiveness of immune checkpoint inhibitors in cancer treatment, it is important to accurately identify a specific cell population called Th7R in the blood and measure its number. Our scientific advisor, Professor Kagamu of Saitama Medical University, has published research data on this in Cancer Res in 2022, and has achieved great results.

However, until now, cell population identification work has been done manually, and there have been problems with reproducibility, labor, and time. Our new technology “rippleT” provides a system to solve these problems. Automatic analysis can identify and measure cells accurately and quickly, and it will become possible to process large amounts of sample data in a short time.

Of particular note is the difference between the conventional method shown in Figure A and the method of the present invention shown in Figure B in dividing the distribution. With the conventional method shown in Figure A, the boundaries between cell groups are ambiguous, making accurate classification difficult. However, the claimed invention shown in Figure B is able to solve this problem and to automatically identify and classify specific cell populations based on the number of peaks.

Figure A Conventional methos
Figure B Claimed invention

Our new system will streamline immune profiling and monitoring, which are important measurements for understanding the course of a disease and the prognosis of treatment, as well as for selecting treatment methods. This system is expected to clarify immune cell changes relating to immune aging and other health and disease phenomena, and contribute to the development of new treatments and diagnostic agents. Furthermore, the present invention can perform correlation analysis between the obtained cell profiling results and clinical results. The introduction of this advanced technology is expected to improve the accuracy and efficiency of immune profiling and monitoring in medical settings, contributing to the appropriate selection of treatments and understanding of prognosis.

ImmuniT Research aims to make this analysis system a new standard method for immune profiling.

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