The paper by Dr. Hiroshi Kagamu, Scientific Advisor of ImmuniT Research Inc. as well as Professor at Department of Respiratory Medicine, Saitama Medical University International Medical Center, was on-line published in “Cancer Immunology Research”.

The paper written by Professor Hiroshi Kagamu at Respiratory Medicine at Saitama Medical University International Medical Center as a first author was on-line published in Cancer Immunology Research.

The title of this paper is:
CD4+ T-cell immunity in the peripheral blood correlates with response to anti-PD-1 therapy.

In this paper, the authors conducted clinical trials to calculate the frequency of CD62Llow CD4 T cells and regulatory CD4 T cells in the blood of lung cancer patients using the algorithm they have developed and they have discovered that they can well predict the onset of therapy with an immune checkpoint inhibitor of anti-PD-1 antibody before administration (decided to grant a patent). They also studied characterization of CD62Llow CD4 T cells in those patients. Importantly they noticed that the same algorithm can be used for predicting patients with long-term survival of 500 days or more. From these data, Professor Kagamu et al. concluded that it is important to monitor the status of CD4 T cells in the blood to determine treatment strategies for cancer patients.


A part of the contents of this article has been applied for a patent by Saitama Medical University. It was notified that decision to grant this patent was made by the patent office in Japan. ImmuniT Research Inc. has licensed this patent application exclusively from Saitama Medical University. A part of this exclusive license has been sub-licensed to Sysmex Corporation.

ImmuniT Research has a research laboratory in Saitama Medical University Research Park to further develop the patent application under a collaborative research agreement with Saitama Medical University.

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