Visualization of the Invisible Power of Immunity by Drawing a Small Amount of Blood—Determining the Effect of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Prior to Therapy Initiation—


Immunity is the keystone of defense systems that can protect "self" of multicellular organisms. Life was born on Earth about 3.8 billion years ago and evolution created a multicellular organism about 600 million years ago. When multicellular organisms emerged, the immune system was established to protect the identity of "self". About 470 million years ago, the most advanced immune cells, T cells were born, each with an own sensor and capable of recognizing and destroying even virus-infected autologous cells. During 600 million years of evolution, a highly sophisticated immune system was built. Cancer cells that behave slightly differently from "self" as a result of genetic mutation are also important targets for immunity to protect "self." The emergence of drugs called immune checkpoint inhibitors is opening the way to long-term survival of cancer patients, which is that conventional cancer drugs never could attain. However, it is not easy to mathematically understand the immune phenomenon caused by the cooperative work of many cells in the immune network. In case of inadequate understanding of immune checkpoint inhibitors, it is difficult to predict the outcome of an ideal therapeutic effect similar to cure.

ImmuniT Research Inc. has the founding philosophy to thoroughly analyze, reveal insights on, understand and correctly introduce anti-tumor immunity. We will analyze various characteristics and functions of each T cell to make available resources of big data. We will obtain insights from those resources to propose methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases and develop therapeutic and preventive methods for diseases by controlling the functions of T cells. For this purpose, our business model is to repeatedly establish and license out intellectual property rights.

More than two and a half years have passed since ImmuniT Research Inc. was founded, and various people have gathered at the beginning and are still now gathering.

  • ■ While as a physician, fulfilling the mission of treating cancer patients in front of eyes in daily practice, as a researcher, one wants to carry our excellent scientific research and technological inventions to save cancer patients around the world and apply them to the medicine
  • ■ One wants to realize his strategic intellectual property policy and has the abilities to gather people from a wide range of personal networks and to manage the company with management skills.
  • ■ A team wants to implement the achievements of a university at a university-certified venture company.
  • ■ One wants to apply the results of basic research on T cell immunity.
  • ■ Experts in the field of biosciences wants to exercise their skills.
  • ■ A broad-ranging financial expert wants to exercise his skills.
  • ■ An experienced project leader wants to work for this project.
  • ■ IP and legal experts with strong biomedical skills want to join this project.
  • ■ A remarkable proven data scientist wants to complete this project.
  • ■ A clinical doctor who is also an immunoanalysis scientist wants to contribute.
  • ■ An IT expert wants to contribute.
  • ■ A company wants to cooperate and develop products.
  • ■ Angeles and a corporation want to fund and support this company.

We will work together to contribute to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various diseases including cancer. Until now, generally, making new discoveries from data required preliminary knowledge and hypothesis, which made it impossible to avoid bias, coincidence and sensation. However, from now, it is necessary to process collected big immunological data in a mathematical and logical manner without using hypotheses according to an algorithm, to obtain an optimal solution in a short time and obtain insights. We hope that many people will continue to cooperate in order to quickly deliver superior technologies and products to medical sites by gaining insights.



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